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uncle Tom uncle Tom's Cabin - a tale of life among the lowly     (Back to list)
Posted on 2010 May 26   17:12   (Wednesday)
By hawaii (ID:1546, Standard)
Hello i have a book here uncle toms cabin a tale of life among the lowly.
By Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published by S W Partridge & Co london uk. The book is Hardback. the book has no edition number and it was given as a present in 1910.

Does anyone know if this book has value? if so where should i go ?
Thank you.
Posted on 2010 May 27   08:46   (Thursday)
By Peter Blue (ID:1, Founder, Si7, Dating Site)

We do have a rare book valuation service on RareList. It costs Ł5 per book or volume set. to use Click Here

Regards - Peter
Posted on 2010 May 30   19:21   (Sunday)
By Aardvarkbooks (ID:432, Standard)

Hello Hawaii,

The item that you have is an interesting talking point, as dealers describe it with such variations. Value depends on condition, of course, and you have not mentioned that.

1900 is often stated though most state circa 1900 and also mention inscriptions 1908 and 1910. If your item has a book plate or prize indicating the date, that can at times reduce its attractiveness, unless it were luckily dedicated or donated or an exlibris bookplate of a famous owner.

Also others refer to 416 pages, but some mention illustrations and others a 32 page catalogue of book adverts? Those who mention illustrations do not seem to agree on the number of illustrations.

Sadly this printing appears to be 50 years after the first edition which was American, yet I found Canadian and 4? UK editions all showing up in a search for the UK first edition. Of course prices of those appear almost one tenth of the American first edition.

Were you to place this item on Rarelists or any valuation or Forum, some of the questions raised here need answers to further identify this item. It is scarce among about 4000 adverts of Uncle Toms Cabin, and some of the answers may never be confirmed due to its rareness in this format.

Describe the item further, especially condition, and I will look further for you.
Posted on 2010 May 31   16:41   (Monday)
By hawaii (ID:1546, Standard)

cover of the book is in good condition, the pages within have gone a brownish colour with age, and pages 17-20 have come detached with a slight crease on the corner of the of page 17. The book spine is good. At the back of the book there is a catalogue of popular illustrated books by s w partridge. there are 416 pages to the book with 19 illustrations.The book was awarded to Ernest Rose who attended the Falcon Grove Hall Sunday school in 1910. otherwise there is no edition number anywhere.
Posted on 2010 May 31   20:46   (Monday)
By Aardvarkbooks (ID:432, Standard)

You seem to have hit the description precisely enough. Some had stated just 5 illustrations? But the accurately highlighted faults will help sell the books which do not state detached pages.

The other item is that you say "popular illustrated", which does mean reprint of a classic, and although the production looks good quality of the era 1900-1905, this may prove to be a later edition of this reprint. In best condition I would think it was worth Ł20 some would ask up to Ł30.

In this condition Ł5 at most Ł10. If someone were repairing it, they would not be likely to make any profit from it. So it would possibly only be worth this to a collector of S W Partridge illustrated classics. Or anyone who knows more about Ernest Rose or Falcon Grove Hall.

I go to these lengths, only as Ł5 for the valuation would seriously eat into its worth. There are those who would say you have had Ł5 free advise here. I am hoping you will tell others about us or use us in the future with another find.

Best wishes from Rarelist

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