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Ownerjimgal66 (UID:907, Standard) My collection View 69 books
TitleSilent Spring AuthorCARSON, Rachel.
PublisherHoughton Mifflin, Published1962
Issue0 Volume0
Sellers Ref EditionFirst
Pri LanguageEnglish Sec languageEnglish
Asking priceGBP 55.00 Negotiable FictionNon-Fiction
BindingHardback JacketYes
Views1702 (Interest:18) Modified2009-Mar-01   11:03
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Description of Book:-

Description: Houghton Mifflin, 1962., Boston:, 1962. Book of the Month. 8vo, pp. 368. Nice in price clipped and little worn dj. Called by some the most important book ever published on environmental issues. Silent Spring initiated the action that resulted in the banning of DDT and fostered the movement that seeks to make the issue of the survival of the planet of equal importance with that of the expansion of the economy. Carson's book stirred a controversy and was the subject of pressure politics by chemical and other industries. However its affect was that bills were passed that regulated pesticides. Both book and DJ have a nasty bump in bottom left corner.
Book-Good:DJ- Good

Rare Book for sale. Silent Spring CARSON, Rachel.
Rare Book for sale. Silent Spring CARSON, Rachel.

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